1.5 Hours Of Steaming Time Easy-Roll Casters Beige Garment Steamer (New)


Product Description

Diminish the most difficult wrinkles in one swipe with this easy to use professional garment steamer. This de-wrinkling steamer comes with a five-foot flexible hose and a no-drip valve system to steam most any fabric. This garment steamer does heavy-duty work without taking up much space in your closet. Wheels on the bottom of the unit allow for ease of mobility of the unit, while the length of the steamer hose allows for ease of movement while using the steamer. Say goodbye to wrinkles when you say hello to this professional but affordable garment steamer.

The large water reservoir ensures that you are able to steam multiple items at once without needing to refill the reservoir often. Each fill allows you to use the steamer for over an hour at a time. The steamer is ready to use in just one minute to ensure your outfits can be wrinkle-free in just a moment’s notice.

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